Cowritten and created by: Jillian Gnarling and Mica Sigourney
Starring: Jillian Gnarling and Mica Sigourney- with Shante Thomas, Travis Santell Rowlands, Andrew Sheet
Co-written and Directed by: Jader
Director of Photography: Chantel Beam
Art Department: Spencer Olson
Sound Design: Victoria Valenti
Catering: Shane Thomas

Produced by OX and Jillian Gnarling

New web series Ew Yuk! follows two trolls drooling their way through San Francisco 

Notorious drag queens Jillian Gnarling and VivvyAnne ForeverMore star in a hilarious, "gross and farty" Super8 adventure.

Jillian Gnarling and Mica Sigourney (VivvyAnne ForeverMORE!) are best-friend drag queens who lipsynch, laugh and party their way through San Francisco nightclubs. United by an affection for the gross and farty, they assembled a queer filmmaking team to create the first three episodes of an absurd, troll-centered comedy series. 

Ew Yuk! is the wonderfully WTF result. Dropping one-liners about auras, astrology, yoga, and more, the two trolls gross out about contemporary culture, with hilarious and unnerving results.  

The duo are joined by director and cowriter Jader of alien performance sensation Toxic Waste Face (Art Basel Miami), Chantel Beam (DP), Jordan Plath (prosthetics design) and Hexate (makeup). While this is Jillian and Vivvy’s first foray into filmmaking, the trolls went big, shooting in Super 8 in many locations all over the Bay Area. San Francisco itself figures as a prominent character in the series, as the trolls spew their cackles from the Golden Gate Bridge to the downtown Embarcadero.