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Drag House

27 DRAG Performers
3 Stages
2 Hours
1 House

Queens in the basement, queens in the lobby, queens in the bathroom- it's all over the place.

After two years of experiments and 24 drag shows staged at the historic Stud Bar we expand to take over the CounterPulse building- and give you simultaneous showz all over the place.

Blaire Witch, Boy Young, Britney Smears, Dulce de Leche, Eartha Kunt, Eileen Kilometers, Fauxnique, God’s Lil Princess, Hollywood Texas, Jillian Gnarling, Jizzman Johnson, Juice Box, Kochina Rude, Lisa Frankenstein, Mama Celeste, Marty Pants, Mary Vice, Nicki Jizz, Paige Turner, Pseuda, Sir Acha, Silk Worm, Syzygy, Vanilla Carter, VivvyAnne ForeverMORE!, Voodonna, and ZoJob

Shane Thomas Boy Young Brittany St. John Newell Dulce De Leche Gabriel Christian Jyoti Arvey Monique Jenkinson Fauxnique Clark Alexander Hollywood Texas Jillian Gnarling Jasmine JohnsonJesse Hewit Kevin Clarke Cary Escovedo Lisa Frankenstein Kat Renee Cole Syzygy Love Aaron Thornton VivvyAnne ForeverMORE Mary Vice Mama Celeste Paige Turner Pseuda Silk Worm

Tech Director: Del Medoff

Production Coordinator: Silk Worm

For 9 years OX (performance group headed by VivvyAnne Forevermore) has produced Work MORE! a drag and performance commissioning platform that draws together artists of different genres, scenes and lineages In new collaborative constellations.
Work More 8: Drag House is supported by the SFAC and California Arts Commission.

Work MORE 8: Drag House is the culmination of performances at the Stud Bar at an event called Grand Opening. Under the direction of Vivvy small casts (4-5 people) co-created and staged a new show each month. Drag House is two restagings and two brand new shows.

Earlier Event: May 31
Drag House